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Step 1: Meet with a Real Estate Professional

You will discuss with your real estate agent your home needs so they can help you find the right property, negotiate on your behalf, and guide you through the entire process. Your real estate agent is the key to helping you have the best home buying experience!

Step 2: Getting Pre-Approved – Meeting with a Lender

Meet with a financing expert! A loan originator will have a one-on-one appointment and will ask you for several documents. Your loan originator will provide you with an approval amount and once a home has been selected the loan originator can provide you with a monthly payment.

Step 3: Let’s go House Hunting!

Here comes the exciting part! Your real estate agent has the right tools & systems to send you available inventory that check off all your boxes.  Your Realtor will bring you one step closer to finding your new home!

Step 4: Presenting an Offer

Love a home?! Your real estate agent will ask you a series of questions to complete a contract for the home you love! Negotiation may take place depending on the seller, but your real estate agent will guide you through every step!

Step 5: Under Contract!

Offer accepted! Once under escrow you have the option of sending inspectors to the home and request any repairs if necessary. Appraisal of the home will take place along with other measures.

Step 6: Finalizing Details

Finalizing your loan! Your lender will ask for final documents as we are approaching closing.

Step 7: Closing!

Prior to closing your real estate agent will schedule a final walk through to make sure everything is in order as per contract and closing will take place at the title company. It’s time to give you your keys! Welcome Home!


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